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Virtual Studio

Welcome to our virtual studio. 

We understand that life is busy, so having another option where you can stay committed to your workout is key! Never miss your ‘me time’ ever again.

We have live instructor led online classes which you can attend anywhere you can get wi-fi or cell data. Take us with you to the cottage, abroad or log in from the comfort of your home during those winter snow storms! 

No equipment at home? No problem! Each class is carefully designed so everyone can achieve a safe and effective workout. 

If you cannot make a live online class we offer an on-demand video workout library. Classes include Yoga, strength training, cardio and much more. 

Our goal at The Nock Academy is to make fitness and wellbeing accessible to all. Having the option to attend in person or online is one of the ways we commit to our goal.

The Nock Academy was founded in 2021 during the pandemic. Nicky and Gareth Nock were determined to offer fitness, health and wellbeing programs to keep people healthy and most of all connected.


An online fitness platform was born in the summer of that year offering multiple group training sessions per week which were all coached live in real time where people could come together. It was clear that for many this was an absolute life-line during the unsure and scary times of the pandemic.


After moving to Stouffville the following year, Nicky and Gareth started to let the community know that they were here offering online fitness classes and coaching. The business was well received and the town was extremely happy to welcome a new family businesses. One thing did become clear during many conversations, the people of Stouffville were ready to start to attend classes in person once again.


Nicky started a once per week class in what is now the Nock Academy Yoga studio. Word spread and attendance grew. WIth the help of another local business, Natures Gifts Organic Wellness and Spa and its owner Janice Patera, Nock Academy Yoga opened its doors March 1st 2023 with the Mayor of Stouffville Iain Lovatt. 

The Nock Academy still continues to offer live online fitness experiences as well as in person at their studio. A perfect set up for any busy parent or professional who may not always be able to make a class in person!


The Nock Academy now has the entire building at 10 Commercial Street where each space is dedicated to health, fitness and wellbeing. This fitness conglomerate is an exciting and refreshing space to be in. You always leave feeling empowered.

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